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vail VR E-Sports Tournament.


  • What is the format for the launch season?

    More details for the launch season format will be released as we approach tournament date, but the basic format is a series of qualifiers which are single day tournaments where teams qualify to play in the playoffs. The playoffs in September will be split into groups and determine the top 4 teams to play in the grand finals in Miami.

  • How will seeding work?

    Teams will be randomly seeded each qualifier. Without an established competitive scene, it isn't possible to do any proper tournament seeding. With 8 qualifiers, teams will have plenty of opportunities to compete and make it into the playoffs, should they deserve it.

  • How many qualifiers can my team play in?

    You can play in as many as you want until your team qualifies!


  • What game mode will be used for the tournament?

    Artifact will be the mode used for competitive play; this involves the attacking team "Colonists" having to capture one of two points. On a point they can use a "puck/scanner" to scan an artifact, this starts a timer of 45 seconds for the defending team (Reyab) to retake and interrupt the scan.

  • How do I scan the artifact?

    At the start of the round the Colonists are presented a pedestal with one "puck/scanner" to use. One colonist team member must take the scanner and place in on their chest

    The colonist take the scanner to an artifact, turn it so the points are facing upwards, then with the other hand drag the yellow dot to the pink dot, after a pink dot is reached it will change colour and another dot will turn pink, you then drag the yellow ball to each pink one individually to start the scan. Example:

  • How do I interrupt the scan?

    You grab the puck around the artifact and pull trigger, this will show a bar that will slowly fill up. This will stop the scan. It takes 7 seconds. Example:

  • How long are rounds and how many points to win?

    Each round takes 2 minutes. The timer will stop if an artifact is scanned and then it is 40 seconds until the scan is completed. It is first to 11 points to win a map.

  • How many maps are in a match?

    For the open and closed qualifiers, only one map will be played for each match.

  • What are the maps being played for the tournament?

    The maps currently in use for competitive play are Suna and Khidi. This is subject to change.

  • How will the map be decided for open qualifiers and closed qualifiers?

    Maps will be assigned per round on the website.

  • Will reservists be allowed?

    No reservists will be allowed for this season. Team sizes are 8 player rosters allowing for subs.


  • What is the IVRL (International Virtual Reality League)?

    The IVRL is a Virtual Reality Competitive League. We started as a group of long term competitive players and VR Veterans, mostly coming from Onward VR. We formed the IVRL so we could push VR eSports forward and host leagues, tournament events and more. Now we are working with Aexlab to put on the summer launch season of VAIL!

  • How can I sign up?

    Stay tuned, signups will go live July 1st

  • How many people can be rostered in a team?

    There can be up to 8 players rostered per team!

  • Where will the finals be taking place?

    The finals will be taking place in Miami! The top 4 teams will get to fly out and play at one of the largest VR LANs to date!

LAN Finals

  • When are the Finals?

    The finals will take place in early October.

  • Will teams be flown out to the Finals?

    Yes! Finalists will be brought to Miami with expenses paid. Closer to August, we will announce further details.

  • International players attending the Finals

    We recommend international players get their passports ready as soon as possible. If players are from any of the 40 participating countries in the US Visa Waiver program, receiving a travel visa for the LAN should be easy.

    For other countries, players will have to look into the visa process themselves. IVRL will provide letters to prove participation and qualification to the finalists, however it is the players' responsibility to secure a visa to attend. Teams will have 3+ weeks after the playoffs end to do so.

  • Can I come to the finals as a spectator?

    Yes! There will be tickets available to spectators to attend the event.