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Meet The IVRL Founders


The IVRL founders are community leaders with years of experience in virtual reality. They have experience as moderators, team captains, production specialists, tournament leads, and more.

Mama Virds

Mama Virds

Chief Culture Manager


MamaVirds was introduced to VR back in 2020 by her son VirdsEyeBiew who played in Onward league tournaments. She could be found in the twitch channels cheering him on every time he played.

Mama became more involved with the community and engaging with players through leagues by becoming a mod and governor. She founded IVRL with a few goals in mind, keeping people together and having a place that can be called a second home to many.

Mama can be found socializing in discords poking fun with or at players and staff but always trying to keep everyone in line. She helps guide moderators in discord, supporting her team in many different ways.

Outside of IVRL, she has a full time job, three grown children, two huskies and loves to craft!



Operations Ninja, Creative


Etch is an entrepreneur, designer, developer, and VR junkie. Pushing the envelope of XR since 2015, starting IVRL was a chance to build the industry of VR Esports and entertainment.

With IVRL, he wears a lot of hats but focuses on operations, new initiatives, and creative design. Outside of IVRL, he has a background in electrical engineering, computer science, and venture design.

Etch has consulted for organizations ranging from Intel to IDEO and worked with cutting edge products. He's worked on things ranging from children's toys, data viz software, autonomous drones, to marine rescue equipment.

Outside of staring at his monitor for long hours, he likes hardware hacking, football, reading, and having a monitor strapped to his head.



Chief Creative, Code Wizard


Trip got into VR in late 2017 after doing a Vive demo at a local Microsoft store during some Black Friday shopping and jumped into Onward almost immediately.

Having played, captained, and commentated for the better part of 5 years Trip has a wide range of experiences that help build the IVRL.

When he's not in VR, Trip can be found in, on, or under the waters of Barbados where he spends his days freediving, scubadiving, and sailing and his nights creating and updating the assets that IVRL uses in their casting deck and website, yelling at Etch, and coming up with all kinds of new tricks to add to our production quality.

Mr Trip

Mr Trip

Head of Code Wizarding


Mr Trip got into the VR Scene in early 2019 with the Quest 1, during the covid lock down in Dubai is was the perfect way to spend sometime somewhere else. Firstly discovering OnwardVR then soon after, the competitive scene, he's been playing and advancing as player since then.

After a short time as a VRML moderator, Mr Trip joined forces with Mama Virds and Co with a vision that the competitive scene could be better, and that a league was needed which was more in touch with the player base, his main role with the IVRL is to build the platform and website to run the leagues, and work with other board members to ensure their vision becomes a reality.

Also CTO and Co-Founder of Dubai based tech logistics company Quiqup, and has a decade of experience in running a complex business that spans multiple geographies.

He has two children Harry and Honey who are already in training to become the most l33t VR competitors.



Dr. Outreach


Thund3r♠Pilot is a Family Medicine Resident Physician, Esports Competitor, and VR enthusiast. He was on the very ground floor of VR when it released in 2016 as an early adopter because he saw the potential of the tech to lift gaming and immersive experiences to new heights.

While in medical school, he formed a VR Esports team with his brother that would go on to become the most dominant force in Onward and would claim multiple international championships competing in the ESL VR League in Onward including securing the victory at IEM Katowice in 2019.

After helping form the VRML and working as an onward moderator, he took his experience to the IVRL where he found a shared vision in the true potential of VR Esports. He now uses his passion for VR and Esports to help grow the IVRL and explore new games that have potential as a VR Esport.

In his free time, he composes music, loves to cook, and practices with his Esports Team Globochem



Manager of Discords, Code Wizard


Maximum, Currently working as a part-time courier, developer & Singer with a passion for competitive gaming & VR. First got into VR in 2020 after having a first experience with GORN & then moved onto ONWARD & straight into the competitive side of VR.

After a little time in the Competitive VR scene, Maximum joined IVRL as a developer & discord admin, helping to build the core of the IVRL discords that you see today.

Within IVRL Maximum handles much of the discord management, taking on setup for majority of the bot tools & diagnosing any problems that may pop up. When not battling discord, you will either find him helping develop in-house tools for the IVRL Officials or helping Mr. Trip with odd development jobs.

In his free time you will probably find him with VR goggles on; singing, flying or shooting his way through the online VR space... sometimes all three at the same time!

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